Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Flashback

I can hardly believe that it has been an ENTIRE year since baby Zane was born! This year has gone by so quickly that I felt the need to think back on everything that has happened over this past year.

Jan. 2010 ~ Welcoming baby Zane to the family and trying to make it to all of those doctors appointments that come along with having a new baby. My mom and dad were here, staying with Aunt Virgina for several months. We got reconnected with all the Randall family -- yay!! Ben, Joanna (Pregnant with Micah), Elijah, and Jonah came to meet the baby for the first time. We have not seen them since January but they are planning to move back to AZ very soon, and we are so excited!!

Feb. 2010 ~ Zack's birthday was on Super Bowl Sunday! My little football boy!! According to my calendar, I must have been very into the Bachelor. I have it written down every Monday so I wouldn't forget to watch ... ha ha ha! Still enjoying my maternity leave.

Mar. 2010 ~ Kaelyn turned 8 years old!! Where did the last 8 years go?? I went back to work on the 1st after having 12 weeks off. My cousin, Kelli, offered to watch the baby for me which was the hugest blessing to Zane and our family. I was going through some very difficult times at work and it was such an amazing blessing not to have to worry about finding a daycare. My mom and dad went back to Indiana on the 10th of March. We are really missing them and looking forward to seeing them back in AZ really soon. Their house if for sale and its just a matter of time now! Can't wait. Baby Micah was born on St. Patricks Day! I still have not met him. I'll meet him for the first time in January ~ yay!! Soccer season started up this month for both Kaelyn and Zack. And finally, my lovely sister Jill and Caleb came out to visit me for a week! It was so nice to have her, but I was working while she was here.. ugh!

Apr 2010 ~ Mike turned 37 and I turned 33! Oldies!!!! Jill and Caleb were here to celebrate Easter with us at Polly's house. More difficult stuff going on at work, but I'm trusting God with all I have and holding on to the promise that His plans for me are good. Now that I'm on the other side of that "mountain" I have an amazing testimony.

May 2010 ~ School is out for Kaelyn & Zack. My CCS journey comes to an end, and we are looking forward to a great summer.

June 2010 ~ I was hired on with the Alhambra Elementary School District which as turned out to be a dream come true. I love everything about my job! I am confident that God has put me exactly where he wants me. Kaelyn attended Day Camp at Pure Heart Christian Fellowship (our church) for a week. Lots of good times!! We went to the Marriott for Father's Day! We had a blast, thanks Darcie! I took a summer Bible study at my church on the book of Esther. Good stuff! We went to Slide Rock for the first time with my cousin Jenny, her kids, her nephew, and mother-in-law.

July 2010 ~ Gramma Melody came for a visit. I don't know how she always manages to come for a visit and leave without me getting any pictures of her ... no more, I tell you!! The kids and I drove to California to visit my friend Stacie for a couple days. I started New Hire training classes (SFA reading program) the last week of July while Mike and the kids went to California for a week with Polly and Marlon. They got to stay in an amazing beach house and have the time of their lives. They made some great memories and I am so thankful that they were able to go (even though Zane and I had to stay home for my training).

Aug. 2010 ~ Kaelyn and Zack go back to school. Kaelyn's first day of 3rd grade and Zack's first day of Kindergarten. My amazing friend, Valerie, starts watching Zane for me during the day while I work. It has been such a blessing to us to have Valerie help take care of our baby boy. He is the happiest baby you could ever meet (SERIOUSLY) and I know that she contributes a lot to his happy little personality. I hope God blesses her tremendously for the gift she has given to us. Darcie turns 30 years old and we celebrate in Scottsdale .. still thinking about that restaurant .. delish!! Mastro's City Hall is outstanding!

Sept. 2010 ~ Kelli had a Labor Day BBQ ... we always have so much fun at her house. Got to reconnect with more cousins ... such an amazing thing ... family!! Kaelyn and Zack started Awana (church group) and I started another Bible study on Wednesday nights. In the moms group we worked through a book called Tender Mercies. It was fantastic! I would highly recommend it for mothers. Mike got to go to a Raiders game (his fave team)!

Oct. 2010 ~ Lots of "busy" stuff going on this month. On Halloween Kaelyn dressed up like a soldier girl and Zack was Batman. I have pictures but I never posted them. My friend Valerie and her son came over, so did Polly, Marlon, Jenna, Pipe, and McKenna. Zack fell into a cactus while we were trick-or-treating. Poor thing! Daddy took him home to get the needles out while the rest of us finished trick-or-treating (which sounds kinda mean now ... why didn't we wait for Zack ... gross!!!) Zack met back up with us a few minutes later with a slight limp. Poor thing!

Nov. 2010 ~ JILL MOVED BACK TO ARIZONA ... need I say more???? She moved in down the street from me. We see her practically every single day (sometimes more than once a day). I can't even express how happy we are that the Wilson's are back in AZ! I wish all my siblings lived within a mile radius of me. Thanksgiving was great! We celebrated at Polly's house with her family, her dad and his wife, Melody's family, the Wilson's, and my friends Valerie and Rocco. So much food. So much fun. So much family! YES!!!

Dec. 2010 ~ Mike went out of town for work for a couple days. Lots of fun getting reading for Christmas at school and home! Zane turned 1 on Saturday and we went to Zoo Lights. Ohh, did I mention Zane is also walking? Yep, its true! AND, my e-mails from Baby Center now read "Your toddler" instead of "Your baby" sniff sniff. Looking forward to Christmas Eve with my side of the family and Christmas Day with Mike's side of the family. Oooohhh, and don't forget our trip to Flagstaff that's coming up. Yeah!!! Come on 2011, show us what you've got!!